Who can I see to explore my options for fertility preservation?

Based on the above discussion, it is clear that numerous factors need to be considered in each individual case in order to properly explore all the options available, as well as their feasibility, before embarking on any intervention for preserving fertility. This requires your specialist to have extensive experience and expertise in reproductive endocrinology, egg biology and IVF. Prof Homer is an international expert in how ageing affects egg quality. He recently published a comprehensive paper on this topic in the world’s top journal in reproductive biology. Prof Homer set up Queensland’s only research laboratory for studying eggs at the University of Queensland. His lab is understanding why ageing causes egg quality to decline and is developing new techniques for reversing poor egg quality. Prof Homer is also an expert in how drugs like chemotherapy bring about DNA damage that is responsible for the death of ovarian follicles. He is one of a handful of specialists in Queensland with the most advanced CREI qualifications for undertaking IVF and fertility preservation.