Who should I see to assess my ovarian reserve and fertility potential?

It is important to obtain a balanced and impartial interpretation of all the facts contributing to your fertility. Based on what I have written above, this requires consultation with a highly trained expert with in-depth knowledge of ovarian biology, knowledge of what tests like AMH and AFC actually measure, as well as their limitations. Women should not be misled into thinking that a low AMH value necessarily spells disaster for fertility prospects or that they must immediately take drastic measures such as undergo IVF to freeze eggs.

Prof Homer is an international expert in ovarian biology and egg quality as well as one of Australia’s leading egg researchers. He set up Queensland’s first research laboratory dedicated to studying ovarian biology and egg quality, and to developing novel treatments for improving egg quality. Prof Homer is also the only specialist in Queensland who has been clinically accredited at the highest level in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility both in Australia (CREI) and in the UK (CCSST).