Who should I see if my periods have stopped at an early age?

It is first important to make the correct diagnosis since many cases in which menstrual periods stop prematurely are not because of failure of ovarian activity. Premature menopause has many causes and different treatment needs. In all cases, oestrogen replacement and close monitoring for development of problems such as thin bones are required. In some cases of premature menopause (e.g. Turner syndrome), more than one type of specialist input is required for managing the associated medical conditions. Managing the fertility component of premature menopause requires extensive expertise in infertility treatments, including the use of donor eggs.

If you have concerns about premature menopause, it is very important to see a specialist who is fully up-to-date with the latest information, and who can evaluate your individual circumstances in order to devise the safest and most effective plan suited to you. Prof Homer is a Sub-specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and has extensive expertise in hormonal treatment and conducting fertility treatments (including Donor Treatment). He worked and trained in one of the UK’s largest clinics at University College London Hospitals dedicated to treating patients with premature menopause due to Turner syndrome, cancer treatments and unknown causes.