Who should I see for advice on the menopause?

More and more research into the menopause is emerging. The results from these studies are constantly changing the landscape of treatments for the menopause.

Regarding MHT, the pendulum has swung back towards promoting usage as increasing evidence of safety accumulates. Advice on MHT is also being influenced by the emergence of newer and safer hormonal formulations and increasing evidence for the safety of using hormones via routes such as skin and vagina.

If you have concerns about the menopause, it is very important to see a specialist who is fully up-to-date with the latest information and evidence regarding menopause management, and who is able to evaluate your individual circumstances in order to devise the safest and most effective regime suited to you. Prof Homer is a Sub-specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology with both the Australian and the British Royal Colleges and has extensive expertise in ovarian biology, hormones and management of the menopause.