What are the costs?

Prof Homer’s fees for consulting and for undertaking treatments are extremely competitive. As part of his initial consultation for Fertility problems and for many Gynaecological problems, Prof Homer undertakes a detailed pelvic ultrasound scan to evaluate the ovaries and the womb. This scan is an ideal opportunity to highlight important pelvic structures to patients, especially the womb, ovaries and their contained follicles, and to begin educating patients about how Fertility and Gynaecological treatments work. Costs for the scan are included in the consultation fee.

Information on consultation fees are available from our office. We encourage you to enquire about our costs and to make comparisons, bearing in mind the unique breadth of Sub-specialist Expertise and the up-to-date Knowledge, as well as the Personalised and Individualised care offered by Prof Homer.

Please note that private health insurance typically only covers the costs of in-hospital services (e.g. surgical operations) and does not cover the costs of consultations.
We accept all major credit cards and have EFTPOS facilities. Our practice uses the latest in cloud technology that allows reimbursement claims to be immediately lodged with Medicare.